One campus – two spaces

The O campus came in existence because we needed to create learning space. As kids were growing in number and age, we felt the need of bigger space and more resources. I-campus offers the comfort of home and leisure of time, while O-campus offers space and resources to take learning forward. I feel while the parents and children choose the comfort of I-campus, it imbalance the resources, fee and facilitation.

I-campus which is primarily for kids below 9yrs is taken over by kids who are 9 yrs and above. The space, the resources, the facilitation all is duplicated because we have duplicate ages at both the campuses and vice versa for kids below 9yrs at O-campus. We end up duplicating efforts.

We do not have sufficient space at I-campus to create resources, or even if we are doing that, we are duplicating our efforts. It is taxing to make two campuses look alike :-(. Our commitment is only for one Aarohi with two spaces, not for two Aarohi with two spaces. Lets look into this.