My way and your way

One child was carrying a bag, which looked “messy to me”. Second day I showed him the “proper way” of carrying the bag and I realized what I have done….

To correct my action I told him “this is another way to take bag, which way you would like to take?”He looked at me with profound eyes and said “I will prefer to think by myself”. After this the bag did not look messy to me.

I was “feeling” uncomfortable and thought he is also uncomfortable to carry the bag in that manner. I observed him all the three days, and realized that he was quite comfortable – he was able to walk, carry things in bag, operate the bag with ease, did not bother others……………………he never showed any discomfort”. It was my conditioning which made me think “he is not taking the bag properly, hence this way it will be difficult for him”.

I am still smiling at my action and his response.