Music continues

Music continues

Often in the absence of enough exposure we are stuck with one way of doing things. The consistent question in mind – how much and how long the exposure? Here is one more story

The story of sunshine at aarohi began with “music” in our sessions. Initially it was just faculty bringing songs and we all dancing and singing. Then kids started bringing songs, mostly Bollywood (possibly that the most exposed). This raised an internal concern, we needed exposure of variety of music. We began with some constraint – songs of different categories. Different categories were introduced – classical, folk, devotional, western and so on. At some stage it again began stagnant – last few months I have been questioning with kids “what else in music?”

Last month music week gave a new direction in our sunshine – different instruments came in, singing came in, different kinds of music came in – we lived, ate and drank music. The new exposure, new dimension in music gave a new face to our sunshine – there was 200% more receptivity for the MORE in sunshine.

We further included in sunshine three things

  • Begin with chanting,
  • Explore – singing, dancing, instruments,
  • and concluding with silence with music, with nature i just with self.

We all decided to take responsibility of sunshine completely by turns – till it was only one song, now it is whole session.