Monkey says” I am able to decide”:

As an outdoor we went to new place. We were looking for some cave whose information was collected during the history camp. Finally we spotted the place. We started going up. The place was on the top of the hill. We started climbing. Few of the children were feeling hungry. We were carrying our breakfast along. I was not comfortable as the place was new. We figured out one shady place to sit and have food. We arranged everything, we cut vegetables, put jam and sauce so that all can take. While we were having our breakfast, one group of monkeys were coming near to us. We were clue less how to deal with monkeys. Children were not willing to share their food. We closed everything and started walking in other direction. We decided not to hurt them. We realised that one of them was following us.

I was the last one to walk. He was behind me. Children were concerned about me. We were talking to each other continuously (we were climbing in a line). When we reached on the top of the hill we had decided to hide food inside the temple. First person did it as soon as he reached there. Last three to four children were with me. We kept our remaining bags at one place. Monkey was right behind us. One of the children said:” Monkey can think and decide. Let us give him space to explore our bags. Once he sees by himself that nothing is there to eat in these, he might not come behind us.” All of us liked the idea. We all were silently standing little far from bags and we allowed monkey to see our bags. He explored bags for five minutes and then went off. We enjoyed seeing him exploringJ. He did not come after that.

It was very different experience for me. Sometimes I do not have words to write what all I experience with children. Sometimes they look very mature and help me taking decision, sometimes they inspire me to do new challenging things, sometimes they make me think about my own beliefs, sometimes they guide me to introspect……………………and the list is long.