Me finding out history

Me finding out history

Yesterday, I was observing KAA week which was about a History camp. Kids were asked what they want to find out from Kelamangalam region. Some kids started with ‘where is kelamangalam?‘, ‘what it is town, district..etc.?’, ‘Some grown up were behind who ruled it?’,when was it built?‘, ‘what clothes people used to wear?‘ etc. … I was listening to it.

One child said if someone said that my great great great grandfather is Krishna? How do I believe that? Who will believe? Why should one believe?

Me then started thinking about History.

Is History really History or is it somebody’s interpretation? So far our epics are just interpretations of whoever wrote it!! I know many versions of Mahabharata, many of Ramayana … One Ramayana is written from Ram’s angle, one from Sita’s, other from Hanuman’s and other from Ravana’s …

So what is true? How do we know that?