Literature Hunt

What is literature?

Few children have picked this up as their goal. They chose the goal based on the name that they read in the content guide.
Eager to explore what it is, this group of enthusiastic learners went ahead to find out from few people. They came back it is something related to writing. If it is writing then why is it not called writing? Hmmm. There must be something more to it. We ill need a tool to remember what the people are saying. Recording will help us to listen to what different people are saying, we will know how different people use the words and also we may get some examples.
Time to record. Came the camera into action and aging went camera and they on literature hunt. Oh, will these small ones know the meaning? Halfheartedly asking the smaller ones you’ll won’t know what literature means? Swalpa twist in questions to the smaller ones and they rattled out their theory it is about history, about people about yesterday and it is something different. Oh, they are also giving us some input to think about.
Word literature on the high right now, exploring and enjoying using of the name itself. I am sure that these chidlren are constatnly thinking about literature and are on their journey to know more about literature.