Learning from kids

Today Dhrupad had planned to cut b’day cake at I-campus. He ordered and I had to pick at 11.I forgot………….went for a workshop, while coming back I remembered.When I reached , he was jumping with his tablet. I asked sorry and he said just give me a kiss.

I was sitting with him, after some time he shared “I felt bad, I banged the door then achhu didi sat with me and then I played with my tablet and I am fine now”.I was feeling horrible, he was busy playing.I kept on saying “I am feeling sad”,After some time, Asawari asked with a laugh “so what do you want, shall we all also became sad with you, we know you are sad maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa chill now”.

Dhrupad has not told me even once “you did not bring my cake”. He has been saying “it sok ma”.
Noone told me that we wasted around 2.5K.

Thank you kids for teaching me many lessons with your generosity.