Kitchen Lab

Kitchen at campus has converted into a learning lab. Every week one child chooses to be part of kitchen lab. First week I was in Kitchen lab and my objective was “healthy food” and also look in cooking of many items for one meal……I brought one item for one meal, red rice, soups and salads.

Obviously this was not the agenda next week. The child next week decided to have the objective of “tasty food”, we had bhajji. milk shakes, curries and many other items in our menu. After that the next child decided to explore cooking and bring new receipes – she brought saboodana vada and many other items. After that week,. the next child decided to experiment with cooking, not bother about if others will appreciate or criticize her sense of experimental recipes. Last week Namrata explored cooking from different states and next child has announced “parotha week”.

The kitchen has become a learning lab for us. While kids explore kitchen with their own objective, they also meet many other learning opportunities on their way.

  • They meet daily maths by weighing and knowing how much rice for one meal, what is the cost of one meal, estimating and tracing leftover quantities.
  • They meet science by exploring what all goes in cooking Sambhar or how to set Dahi or what is turbidity in water, what is cooking water and how cooking gas works.
  • They meet hands on skills while kneading the dough or chopping vegetable or washing rice
  • They also understand self by knowing their own food needs, get feedback from others on their decision.
  • They understand people b knowing their choices for meals. The same menu gets many different views.
  • And they create their own music in the kitchen with empty vessels 🙂

A simple task of getting milk needs so much of coordination and planning and awareness. Join us in our kitchen to explore our learning journey.