Kings and Queens

The session began with “what words come in your mind related to kings and queens. We all started throwing words in the jungle – the initial words were – kings, queens, war, ministers, kingdoms, palace, ……………………..soon more words came up like business, people, families, currency, temples, well, water systems, caring, rich, cities, civilization, trees, weather, jewellery, art, architecture, craftsman, justice, rules, boundaries, jails, law, challenge, promises, successors, skills, committed, success, ancestors, court, chamber, vehicles, technology, enemy, achieve, guards, bravery, progress, subjects, literature, clothing, geography, ecology, economics, circumstances, natural disasters, natural resources, savings, systems, society, forefathers, food, responsibility, children, music, instruments, events, training, education, learning, fashion, language, love, relationship, marriage system, society, games and play, sports, life, lifestyle, life span, messenger, communication,

The focus shifted from “kings” as history to other aspects of history – not only kings and queens make history 🙂

Quiz was fun – kids began with apprehension “I do not know”. We put constraints “I do not know is not allowed” – they pushed themselves to think and bring things from their memory and creativity. Some of the qs………….. Who is the king of mosquitoes? Who is Queen of bollywood? Who is King of bollywood? Who is the king of Mumbai underworld? Who doesn’t like king of fruits? Why? Do you know any kingdom in which queens do the job of kings and queen is treated as kind?

Some of the q’s with answers…………………………..

Q – What would you as a chief in any group do?
Ans – Work,
Help, lead, listen, plan, do, care, ………

Q – Have you observed a king like behaviour in a group of children who are playing?
Ans – Leading and not listening, deciding and ruling, talking a lot, not listening to others, bullying………….

Q – If you where the kings who all will you recruit in your parliament?
Ans – Honest, People who work, intelligent like BIrbal, Craftsman, Farmers, hardworking……….

Q – How should people elect a king for them?
Ans – Voting, ask what all the king will do for the public, questioning…………

We worked on weather and wondered “what is Precipitation?” We still did not google -:).

The later half of the day was full of action – planning, packing and making teams. Kids found out the route map, distance, time it will take, where to stop for breakfast, what al to take for stationery, how to pack, what all goes in first aid box, who all in which team, what will tomorrow’s schedule and so on.

I remembered the lines in one of the posters “If you allow me………I can, I am AMABLE”.