Kelmangalam Today

Food – Tiffin items like idly, dosa, onion dosa. The competition is on the quantity, not about quantity says one of the restaurant owner at Kelmangalam.. One can see market invaded with Kellog’s chocos, kurkure. Bingo chips and at the same time local chips, local bakery items like rusk, murruku and mixtures are available. One can get branded wheat flour, sunflower oil, and many other day to day need items. The place gets many supply from nearby Hosur town. Till now all grocery shops are owned by owners and do not see any super market.

Clothing – Sarees for ladies, mostly synthetic. On occasion you see synthetic silk, but rarely hand-loom (cotton sarees). Shirt pant for men, and white Dhoti on occasions. Muslim ladies wears burka or cover the head with dupattas.

Trade – See ladies on the shop with their husband, helping them in shop work, dealing with money and customers. One shop does not sell any local items, they specialize in getting clothing from Hosur or Bangalore.

Buildings – You can see mix of mud walls and pakka (bricks and cement hollow blocks) structures. Still you can find Mangalore tile roofs, roofs made of hollow pipes and also old structure of wooden frame and tiled roofs.