I am resourceful

One child wanted to start with candle making. The first questions she asked “will I be able to do any work in Candle making?”. We began with “yes, we can, lets see how?”So first option came in mind “call Vishal uncle, he is coming today from Bangalore, he can bring all the resources”. I asked “just think, how we are using to get material for us?” Then we talked about “how we created Diya with threads”.She began with collecting used wax.

Now we were stuck “we do not have gas nor any container”. For me the first thing came in mind was the aluminium container and gas and moulds (I have made candles with these resources only). I tried influencing her with my limitations, soon realized and left onto her (seeing her determination, I knew she will find some resources).

She went around, found a mud pot. Set up a fire chulha and took help of locals to fire the chulha (it was extremely windy).She asked me “will you bring a video for me to see how the candles are made/”I did not commit, she knew, I am upto something. She used old crayons to get the colour she wanted (blue, yellow, green……and so on, something did not come in my mind). Others joined her to give her consultancy, learn from her……..and

Next day I shared with her “yesterday, I observed you trying making wax in many different ways, I feel its not the time to see what others are doing, you may continue with your exploration, if you still need me to give you video I will give you.. She shared “I knew, you are upto something, that is why you did not confirm, I think I will do both here first explore, then at home if require watch video, meet people etc etc.

She is on her journey – she knows, she is resourceful, she can learn things from scratch, she knows whom to connect for her learning…she is able, she is Amable!!!

She used me as a support when needed, as a resource to challenge her, as a resource to stimulate, as a friend to share her joy ……………..We both together are a team, We are able, we are Amable!!!.