I am a facilitator


A guide, a learner, an observer, an object in the environment. Sometimes I am with kids in their learning, their struggle, sometimes I distance myself and look at the bigger picture, sometimes I stay with minute details, sometimes I do not listen.

I am available when I am needed.

I withdraw myself when nor required

Sometimes I push my entry into child’s learning

Sometimes I pull myself back and give space to the child.

Sometimes I am gentle like a river in the plains, sometimes I look very gentle when you see from a distance, but many ripples are going inside, I am churing, sometimes you see me very ferociously coming with full force in the form a waterfall, sometimes you will feel dirty about me and discard like you discard a stinking river, sometimes I am stuck and waiting for a way out……………you see me in many forms. You can stop me, control me, make dams and take energy out of me, but you cannot stop me from flowing. I am a facilitator. If you see me in isolation at any stage, you will not see the complete picture, I am flowing, you will never see me in my past. I am moving and do not stay in one place.