I am able – Questioning

This week we were exploring “question” – it was all about kind of question we asked, the images we have about questions, our beliefs about, response to questions, question to think or to respond and so on.

Few poems on questioning written by some of us (kids and adults together)

  • Me and you. Oh! questions, sometime thinking, sometime answering.
  • As I swam today inside the oven, every stroke was a questions – what where, which, when and I am still swimming.
  • What an unusual thing you ask, sometimes you end me, sometimes you open me, though I question more on science and philosophy.
  • Rishta hai purana prashno se, hasate gata nacte prashno se, meri hasi udata yeh prashose.
  • I like to ask questions and get questions by others, and think about it more and deeper, while getting questions, and to learn more and seek more.
  • Questions with answers not all the time, strange is this topic and so is this time.
  • I was ready for the questions like a question box for the whole day and open minded.
  • I am a stream flowing on and on. My water is chill and cold. It becomes hot like chocolate when put a question mark in and deep. The questions make me think a lot and I enjoy a lot.
  • I am water is chill and cold questions makes me think a lot, I enjoy them so.
  • Questions makes me learn, and learning makes me happy .

Various children shared – I usually thought question are always answers. But I enjoyed thinking and also not answering. Questioning begins answering – it has become automatic process. Exploring questioning was fun during the day.

While we explored questioning on our working, we worked on finding UPS and Solar system, trekking and monkeys, first aid, visual programming, visual maths and various aspect of visual intelligence. Some also experimented with paints and found out what all goes in paints.