Holistic Learning

Often learning is confused with skills. During music week we did not work on skills, we worked on learning music. Deepa took us through various exercises to FEEL music, and experience music. Often when we talk about learning, first thing comes in mind is to develop that skill and next comes in mind is “learning tuitions (classes)”. I personally have no issues with any hobby classes, but I feel they come too soon in children’s learning journey.

During music week – We listened to music, felt music in many different ways, lived with music, talked about music, experienced, explored music – listening, singing and instruments in many different ways. There was no hurry to “learn” anything.

Deepa ate chips and she expressed that it affected her throat – hmmmmmmmmmm food plays role in my learning.
We practiced some of the vocal cord exercises -hmmmmm my body does matter when it comes to learning.
We did humming and allowed vibrations to feel inside – hmmmmm my internal awareness does matter.
We did very soft humming in the morning – hmmmm the body cycle does matter in my learning.

Do you hear yourself saying to your child

  • Be patient
  • Wait for your turn
  • Relax and wait till….

And now look at this

Child is interested in music, child goes to music classes – within few days we want to know, what all songs child learned to sing? Where is the child experiencing “patience” – Patience to stay with music? Patience to experience music – we want results and we want now. Our kids are growing in this fast paced world with speed – where do they experience patience in their life? Then how can they exhibit patience. So next time you say “be patience” THINK.

Often we disconnect our body, our sense, our internal awareness and learning and struggle to connect all in different hobby classes (yoga, nutrition, and singing classes). Its time to look at holistic learning and not in parts.