High Thinking Zone

When I am in Aarohi with kids – I am constantly thinking, I am being asked questions by kids, I questing my own thinking, we as a group is constantly thinking …………………it is HIGH THINKING zone.

When I reach home

Rat is excited to know what is happening – I answer in one or two sentence or just “great, fine……….” He is almost worried for me “is everything ok, are you enjoying, are you fine?”

I realized I am in my reflection zone – I do not get much time to think for myself at O-campus. I find back home a place to think, be to myself, and get ready for next day. I write, I reflect…….but I do not want to answer many questions, or think before I reflect on what I have done earlier.

I can relate with kids who does not want to think at home.

I can relate with kids who do not want to give report of what they have done or been doing at Aarohi.
I can relate with kids who says “not here also, do not ask me many q;s at home, enough at Aarohi……….………just give answer and make my life comfortable.