To get new resources

I am coordinating for Art week at O-campus. I have put a constraint for self that I will get more people, so kids get exposure of resources (else I am pretty good with art).

I sent

  • 19 mails to different e-groups
  • 69 personal mails to people
  • 19 post on meet ups
  • 9 post on FB
  • 0 people on phone (you know I prefer to talk less -:)
  • 1 talk in person
  • Time spent on all coordination till now – 49 hours
Got two people confirmed to come for the event.
  • One is Aarohi parent
  • Another is friend of Shivani
hmmmmmm does this says something?

All this was only to get artist to campus – yet to start new thread on inviting people for the event so we raise necessary funds to cover the cost of the material.