Flavour of this week

The week started with stimulation activities where we explored visual observations. We observed each other’s eyes, different liquid’s flow, weighing scale of grams, tattoo designs and map of different districts of Tamilnadu and so on. We planned our week and did some commitment to self for the week.

In safety club we explored bullies, fire measures and usage of fire blanket, frogs and insects at the campus, precaution at the time of monkey attack and hand wash procedures. In math club we explored positive and negative number, calculator games and dice games. In doing club we explored debating through visual medium.

In welcome we explored different mandala designs. As a part of bioscope we explored logos and came up with Aarohi’s logo. In flocci we explored art appreciation. Children explored different goals like: Writing, cooking, model making of bus, drawing with precision, drawing with specific speed, making of garbage gobbler with newspaper and piano playing. We discussed in thought club about adult’s role at the campus and also discussed about listening to others.