Feelings and Actions


During Emotional Intelligence week we began the session with painting our emotions. Few paints, brushes and bowls were kept. All were asked to take material to paint till they were “satisfied” with the material they have taken – and at the end we painted feeling of “satisfied”.

Initially it was difficult to paint “satisfied”. Kids spoke to each other in teams and expressed what is “satisfaction” for them, how did they experienced just now in taking material. We further did some role plays “breaking queue, fighting for one paint pallette, running and blocking seat etc”. The task was to identify feelings behind these actions – kids shared “anxiety, worry, fear of losing and so on”. phew!!! we do the same exercise in TTT and identify the feelings. It was no different.

It was interesting to know that how much we are disconnected with our own feelings, and how does that feeling of anxiety results in action (pushing, breaking line) and how people around us give verdict on behaviour rather that feelings. Soon children are controlled “do not break lines, not push, you are naughty and so on”.

Through out the week we explored “how my action is coming out of my feelings?”. Some shared

  • When I spent time with myself I was able to become aware of my feelings. Otherwise at “present time” I was not aware of my feeling though when I think back I can identify the feelings.
  • I did not tease anyone today, I was not interested in teasing – my mind was not in teasing my mind was in thinking and planning about outdoor and my work. I am feeling satisfied and feeling proud. I will do new things which are challenging and do different things, interesting things I have never done like in Maths and software.
  • When I feel bored, I look at other people and look in their work. I will make my goal challenging by thinking deeply and detailed. When I do first I feel irritated, When I am getting I feel better, then at the end I feel happy.
  • Feedback helped me, reminders helped me. I did not help in Maths but my material helped me. Environment helped me to work with peace.
  • I was making a poster, it was very difficult to make it, but finally I made it and I felt happy that I finished.