Is this empowerment?

During art week at Aarohi, I had a wonderful exposure of my own struggle. One of the resource person began with “comparing kids, putting down, analyzing”. He was encouraging by comparing. I had my own struggle – should this happens in Aarohi or not? I let this happen. I let this make me understand my own thoughts.

Finally I was happy with the exposure – It allowed me to understand and question my own thoughts. I asked myself “should we protect kids from being put down or we empower kids to be able to understand what any approach is doing to them? At the end of the three days I was exhausted with my own struggle. Initially I let my frustration vent out by talking to others, I allowed myself to crib about that person. Later I allowed myself to absorb the learning I had in these three days, I allowed myself to reflect. Initially the focus was on what missteps he was taking to communicate with kids, later the focus shifted to what exposure he brought and the intentions behind them – this was a learning experience.

I shared my conflict with kids – to protect you or let you experience?. Some of the kids shared “Initially, it was irritating to receive such comments and work in that environment. Later, we did not pay much attention to words, but looked at the work. Everywhere we will not get Aarohi faculty, so it was okay.”

I asked is it okay to call more people, or to ensure who is coming (Aarohi/Amable type only)? “it does not matter, lets call anyone and more people”.