Emotional safety – my rights and duties

Emotional safety is constitutional right in democracy. Last week was another session on constitution of Aarohi. We took the topic of “emotional safety”.

We asked kids – “How do you feel when anyone teases you?

Some of the responses which kids share

  • I do not feel safe when people ask me questions to check my intelligence. They say “oh!, I was asking to know how much do you know?”
  • When people tell me “you are not good, you cannot play with us”.
  • Make groups and talk about me behind me.
  • Put me down, tease me.
  • Tell me “oh! You do not know this much”.

Kids did own analysis of how much they feel emotionally safe at home, at Aarohi, with friends and in the world around.And then they wrote “What are my rights and what are my duties?” Kisd shared


  • Right to express my self
  • Right to be treated equally,
  • Right to make mistake fail and forget
  • Right to be accepted
  • Right to ask for resources
  • Right to be what I am
  • Right to have freedom in learning
  • Right to have emotionally safe environment
  • Right to say no.


  • Duty to stand for my right
  • Duty to stand for my thoughts
  • Duty to express any abuse to any trusted person.
  • Duty to do things which I like, so I feel good about myself. If I feel good about myself, I feel emotionally safe.
  • Duty to accept, love and appreciate myself
  • Duty to choose my company correctly so I feel safe
  • Duty to give other emotionally safety
  • Duty to reflect back on my actions.
  • Duty to not feel embarrassed and accept myself.
  • Duty to say sorry, when I make mistake.
  • My emotionally safety is my responsibility. .

Normally we talk about “what adults do, so kids are safe”.I want to talk aboutmy role as a faculty to give the perspective of “My emotional safety is my responsibility”.

Once they take rope in their hands, we do not have to bother “whom they are interacting with, which environment they are in, what kind of people are around, who is interacting with them and how?” They are ABLE, they are AMABLE.