It began with a notice “Setting up a debate in thought club. Past few months concerned with the environment of talks and topics at Aarohi. My concern is about “self awareness” and knowing one’s needs. Group 1 in favour and Group 2 in opposition”.

It began with “what is the topic of debate?” I did not clarify anything, they within themselves discussed based on what they understood

  • Is it what we talk?
  • is it environment?
  • Is it self awareness

After some discussion they settled with the topic “self awareness”. They debated, they shouted, they argued, they brought references………… Tuesday, both the group will bring one story which will support their views. Well, the constraint was,”cannot change the group”, So the favor group had to talk in favour and vice versa. Sometimes there was confusion, and it was fun. All adults around choose to be audience and not participants 🙂

What was the objective of this debate and notice?

  • To share my concern? (well!!!, there is no concern 🙂
  • To ask them to understand about self-awareness? (they know, why do I need to make them understand?)

The objective was to introduce another way of sharing thoughts, Bring some sizzle in thought club. Another prank, in my own style – kids enjoyed, I enjoyed as an audience.