Child’s commitment and parent role?

During Diwali we had 10 days break. Just before this break we had puppies at the campus and it required some amount of commitments. Kids committed to work on medical, training and understanding hygiene of pets – they promised to work from home. Commitments are part of learning process at Aarohi. Failing to do the committed work is also part of learning process.

Well, when the work reached home, it became parent’s work – few parents got involved……………….and ended up doing work for the child. Child came back to campus with loads of information, research, print outs, pride and also apprehension. While applying the same knowledge we realized that the all work done till now did not lead to any application 🙁

A lot of work done by parents. Work was done to “finish the work”. Work was done without any understanding -:( So what vlaue it brings? We kept all the printouts aside and began our work again.

So when any-work comes home like sunshine song, show and tell, any research…………………….Is it homework? Is it needs to be done? Completed? or an opportunity to THINK, opportunity to learn , opportunity to know self?

Any work which is done without thinking – what value it bring? So what is parent’s role?