How do we put a case on others? It was decided by the team that the stationery would be got from home. When I went into session I was not allowed to touch anything. Anything I was taking was met with you have to get it from home. Now I was a little excited and I shared who decided? Children shared majority decided. I said I was not part of this voting so how do you decide. Slowly one by one they started- actually faculty told us, I was not interested but I had no option, faculty was not listening to us and the list continued. They were asked to pause and shared since both the faculty who are accused is not there I do not want to discuss without them. I triggered them to a file a case on the two faculty. All excited they filed the case. Our case has reached the court room and we realised that we are saying one thing and the case is on something else. The case is on stationery but each ones has a different concern-Like one said I was not listened to. SO we asked what is the case on. So now children are moving to brig in clarity in what the case should be.

In the whole process what I loved was that children are now learning to express themselves without the far of adult power. They are getting opportunities to share and express themselves in a safe environment.