Build by self

Weekly objective was thinking skills –Observation. It started with we just finished observation week what is thinking skills observation. One said use your skills and observe, one said use your mind and observe, one said just observe and observe. Well we all had our say and we were also listening to others. I just took candle, matchstick, incense sticks and lit it one by one. As the incense stick burned, it filled the room with a beautiful aroma. One shared I am observing with my smelling sense where will this come under visual or thinking. This trigger got into discussion that in visual I am seeing how the smell is but now I am also focusing on what all this smell is doing to me, how this smell would have come, what all is there and my observation is making me think.

Then they moved to the candle and were using the incense stick, match stick and candle they were into comparing the visual genie and thinking skills. The journey just began with each looking at different thing to first understand observation and its different forms. It was a session which I enjoyed as all were on their own path of discovery. Each one was ready to explore and experiment and the beauty was they were not looking for a single answer nor was I looking at them taking any one answer and going back. Together we enjoyed exploring, experimenting and building ouw own undersatnding