Be there

Five year old settling in Aarohi. Many times will start with I don’t know. I don’t understand. Initially I used to try different things to see that the message went across. After some interactions I shared with the child please let me know what you know and what more you want to know.
Slowly she started sharing what help she wants or what else information she wanted.
The other day during body genie she wanted to read content guide. She started with I will get but I do not know what is written.
Both of us began our journey together. Asking her what all she know, or how she reads the few spelling she knows helped her to move ahead. Wherever there was big word she would say I do not know.
I asked her do you want to share how you have started reading. She said ha so simple!!! I read first like this and she covered each letter and then I say this is /h/ then I take another and then I jod it and say the word. So easy. In the process she became aware that she could read the big words.
For me as a faculty I looked at it as a new child, new situation maybe the method was same. But for this child the awareness she can do it by herself was amazing off she scooted telling her peer that now she knows how to read.
My own reflection was just be there, share what all the hcidl can do and leave.