Last week we had a very on & off session, 1 day holiday and another was bandh (though we were open).

On thursday,we had a very few children attending the session. Intially they shared its very boring day but still they continued with their work. In the middle of the session, one child said it seems we are in a very far away place. We all tried to observe our surroundings the roads were quiet,it was bit dark outside and suddenly the power went off. Selvi aunty checked with BESCOM they said they are taking part in bandh so current till evening. Our center looked quiet deserted and scary. One child got quiet irritated and shared how does these kind of bandh stop child abuse? . We had a long conversation on what is child abuse? , recently what happened in VIBGYOR and what is bandh & how does bandh helps in our solving problem.Some thoughts from children

  • Child abuse means they treat and touch children in bad ways.We shouldnt even trust people whom we knew.We should take care of oursleves when we are out, we can carry pepper sprays, mirchi powders and small size weapons with us.
  • When this incident happened in school with the child, how will this bandh going to that child or any other child?. What was government fault in this incident and why protesters are protesting against government?. Today for children who are home, it may be just a holiday for them, how is this bandh helping them or bringing awareness in them.

During reflection, the children who expressed their boredom in morning shared that it was a very peaceful session for them,they don’t have to about bother others, they were able to do their work without any disturbance and the most important they are happy that they got to see very quiet center.

Aunty, next time whenever there is bandh, I WON’T TO COME AAROHI :)))