Covid and Parenting

COVID Pandemic brings a different situation for us as a parent, for some of us our existing issues may be flaring up with children being all the time at home. Kids spending time in front of TV/Screen/sleeping can create anxiety in parents.

One way to look at any situation is that there is a problem (with the child, with others, with the world) and we need to find some solutions, ways, etc. This perspective is important for it fosters options and action.

Here, We wish to present another perspective.Quoting Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh:

When you are happy, you smile, you are more pleasant, relaxed. This is a gift you can give to your loved ones. Otherwise looking for happiness, you destroy the elements of happiness that are available and you destroy the environment. You destroy the people around you and create a lot of damage.

Everything has to begin with oneself. Peace begins with me. Stability and love begins with me. Then, when people come in touch with me, they begin to see the truth. They will see that this is the way they can bring happiness to themselves. By living life in that spirit, we can be an example to others for them to be happy also.

It’s good that you have some concerns, but is it good to be concerned? When we are concerned we destroy our inner peace and then we create an environment of turbulence. Is that what your children need?

When I trip over a rock, I can be angry with the rock, shout at it, but I need not be an angry person. If I continue, the next moment, in my own inner peace and happiness, then that is what I actually spread (even to the rock, I think).

If we are concerned, we are full of expectations, we are desirable of results. This creates strain, in you, in the child, and in the environment. Then no matter what you do, say (I love my child) etc. it would not work, rather it would only work to strain the strain more.

We are concerned because we feel we are responsible – parents are responsible for children and so on. How about we focus on being responsible for ourselves, our happiness, our peace, …

A tree in full bloom offers such an inner joy for us to behold. The tree does not feel that it is responsible for us. The tree just offers itself to create an environment of bliss.
We are not trying to say, do not do anything. We are saying let’s ensure what flows within us are bubbling brooks of sparkling melodies because the most beautiful offering I can give to others is me.