Aarohi Speakers


We created our own speakers corner in Cubbon Park. Ideas, words and thoughts were being shared smoothly.Aarohi team went to Cubbon Park for outdoor to explore word intelligence. The objective was listening to each other. Children listened to each others ideas, conclusions, doubts, thoughts about current issues, civic issues, opinions about mythological epics.Children presented their thoughts, they discussed with each other, they argued, had lunch in between, not to forget a toilet trip and it was soon time up!.Faculty team was wondering about how it will go? will the children understand what is the concept of speakers corner? will they come forward to experience it or will it go un experienced?. It was a pleasant surprise for the faculty team!, children first became aware of the concept, prepared for it and experienced it in park. It was a visual & verbal delight.May be the open environment, the availability of a forum to share own thoughts and a ‘listening’ audience, listeners and speakers – both came to the fore.