Aarohi is not a school or an institute with a fixed curriculum, teachers, exams and results. We are a community of open learning families – a safe & non-judgmental space that unconditionally accepts each individual, no matter their age. Empowers each learner to design their learning journey and take charge of their life, gifting self leadership at every step.

Wherever your family is: exploring or just starting or already practicing homeschooling, unschooling or open learning – being part of a community can be hugely reassuring and highly enriching.

Aarohi Community offers to each child

How will your child learn in Aarohi Community?

  • Dedicated community weekly online sessions to help learners design their learning plans, support in executing the same and reflection.
  • Ongoing sessions for mentoring individual learner needs and collaborations for the same and reviews with individual families.
  • Community wide Projects, Clubs, Workshops, Jaatre and other collaboration and connection sessions
  • Outstation Learning Trips for families to Co-Travel, meet people as well as visit places for exposure and explorations.
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  • Children doing or wanting to start HomeSchooling, Unschooling
  • Children and Teenagers unenthusiastic about studies, subjects, exams, etc rather who would like to explore and do what they deeply like
  • Parents who want to try (say for a year) an alternate way of education which is joyous, child based and unconditionally accepts the child.

β€œMy family got a safe & non-judgmental space that unconditionally accepts each individual, no matter their age. This empowers me as a learner to design my journey and take charge, gifting self leadership at every step.”

What I like is that there is no hurry to get anywhere or reach milestone or any benchmarks. This opens my children to million possibilities while teaching me the importance of ‘doing now’. We all get free of the fear of failure and future.”

I learnt how to plan by seeing others plan and getting their feedback, thoughts, ideas and interaction with the community

I get a zillion ideas from my peers in different aspects of my learning and life which expands my exposures and perspectives

Community opens up our own relationships.
It got me closer to my daughter, with a deep sense
of openness and trust

My son can learn math or
any concept by doing it with others in cooking, gardening, discussing, arguing, being taught by others and so on. Each collaboration works on multifold concepts from different disciplines.

The community has given me the guts to follow my passion, like an elevator pushing oneself towards one’s aspirations