Travel to Learn

Travel is the biggest book to learn from. Here we learn from our own experience and also from other’s experience. It creates an enriching memory to be used for life time. Read how Aarohi children understand travel.

At Aarohi we travel in two ways:

Outdoor visits: alternate fridays we got for local (day) visits – could be to factories, shops, museums, nearby nature places and also to specific people’s house/office.

Outstation Trips: Three to five trips in a year ranging from few days to few weeks.

To know – why we do these trips, what we like about them, how they help us learn, etc – here are thought capsules by some of Aarohi Children. Also at the end see a small map of what all travel involves for us!

Explore, discover and dream.

Travel is to just come out from comfort and discover new things. Don’t waste your time in your home.

Travel as much as you can, travel as far as you can, travel as long as you can. Life is not meant to be lived in one place .So Travel Travel Travel .

While traveling I interact with different kind of people, and listen to the things they have to share. While travelling I also see places and things outside, like restaurant, religious places, and on and on. From this I get the opportunity to learn about new places and see how they work. Especially when I visit new places that I have never visited before.

I LOVE talking and that’s good for me so I can interact with people. You even learn how to express yourself by talking to new people. Trips are a great opportunity for me to learn about and visit new places.

Travelling is enthralling

You learn a lot and come home with a thought.

You learn skills, You get your fill

It is a lot of work, Still it is worth it.

Get up early, It’s too foggy, you can’t see clearly

You go to the beach, Speak in a different speech

You see fish, That’s going to be a dish.

It is hot, you are tired, You’ve burned out all your fire

You talk to people, You can’t be feeble

You stay in a place, You realize it’s not about the space.

You look into a book and read, When you get there, you have what you need

With experience as the seed, You move with independence and lead.

You come home changed, By travel you’re trained.

You go to sleep, dreaming deep.

Trips help me get interest in a vivid range of topics. For example, we had been to Rameswaram and Mandapam recently and the theme of this trip was of Marine and water.

But we can learn a LOT other than this. I collected information of how the people there live, their income, etc. It helps me to experience new places, get to know about their living styles, and a lot more.

Travelling to me is, understanding and experiencing other places & people. It opens doors of options of learning.

Whenever I go to Trips I learn something and come. I like that we travel to different places so I get opportunity to learn about that place and I get to do many more things which I have not done in life .

When I went to Kanaha my hidden talent of bird watching came up. I learnt how to live in a jungle. I also learnt how to recognize the wild animals.

The Rameshwaram trip the traveling was hectic. I learnt about clown fishes and many more things like sea-cages, hatchery, feeding the fishes. I also went to a museum and aquarium. Talking to a scientist was a very nice experience. He shared about fishes and showed different life cycle of a fish. I learnt about seaweed, corals and sea cucumbers. I learnt how to make an actual boat using thermocol.

When you travel you learn lot of things about the places and cultures. If you don’t see and learn, you may get confused. But when you see and experience , you get the real picture in your head. For example, when we went to Kanha National Park, we learned a lot about about the jungle and the animals we saw there. We remember better when we experience something. Even when we watch a documentary about the jungle and wildlife on computer or tv, it is not the same as really seeing and feeling in front of you. The experience is totally unforgettable.

Travelling helps me to learn to manage while I am not very comfortable. In travel I like to see outside and observe the stores, houses and buildings and also do bird watching.

When we travel we go meet and talk to different people and we take their Knowledge. While we are travelling we learn by observing things. Travelling is different from other learnings because we are not sitting and copying what is written in the book. I would like to continue learning like this only.

So when I travel – I can learn from different people by going and meeting them because in my home I can’t do that. So when I went to Pune I learned how to make geometric dome and how to chop cabbage in different styles and my challenge was to live without luxury. So if I would have been in my home I could have not learnt how to cut cabbage in different ways and to make geometry dome so I would like to travel more.

Before I used to learn from books and now I’m learning from traveling when I use to read books and learn then I could only read and when I am travelling then I can talk to people: what is it, how it is made, etc. – I can ask questions.

When I went to Pondicherry I learned to talk with different people of different countries. I will suggest other people to also travel and learn.

Travelling to learn helps me to understand about new things that I have not seen before like Pamban Bridge opening and closing, seeing CFMRI museum. It helps me in getting ideas. It helps me in language and reading. It gives me chance to do star gazing in the night. It is different from other ways of learning because you can see the things in real and from different angles. I like chit chatting with my friends during the travel.

We can learn what we see outside. We can learn the language of the conductor in the bus. Next time, we can speak the language with them. We can learn how the bus works and we can see birds and learn about birds. We can learn what we see like for example trees. We can talk with people and learn from what they say. We can look and learn. We can observe which insect we see. We can talk and learn. We can spend time with people and we can learn. When I saw stones in one of my trip, I was curious about it.

I learn by going to the local people and asking about their daily life and their profession and asking questions for our learning.

I learn the value of money. I also get to know how much should i spend on what. I learn the distance and the route while we are travelling and also learn to prepare myself to pack suitable stuff and care for my food and health. I prepare myself to be in the place by researching about the place.

I also learn by thing’s i didn’t do – example didn’t send a email in advance to book some activities we wanted to do.

Trips help me to learn and understand different places, cultures and language. When I go for vacations (with family) usually I explore food and places. However, in educational trips I’ve learnt to manage money, about paddy fields, animal habitats, bird names, food arrangement, cleaning window, learning about rocks and plants etc. I usually like exploring the places. Most of all I want to learn more about different places where I have not been to. I am looking forward to my next trip 🙂


This article is also published in teacher Plus magazine – March 2016