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  • CAT – Life’s curriculum

    CAT – Life’s curriculum

    When it comes to educating our children, “curriculum” is normally the first question that comes to people’s mind. We try to figure out between NIOS or CBSE or ICSE or IGCSE or … let the child learn from life. Often LIFE CURRICULUM is not so clear and many fall back to conventional academic curriculum. Here…

  • Reflective Questions

    Reflection brings clarity. One of the way to reflect is to question. Let’s create our own question bank to reflect on various aspects. Ask question to oneself and to children. Have a conversation around such reflective questions with family and friends.

  • Why Math, Why not Music?

    Subject – Math / No Music? Is it our choice of subjects or the child’s interest? For some Math can be Music and for some others Music can be Math. Lets respect the choice as well the subject and create limitless living for children.

  • My Intelligence

    Life does not operate in binary so we can not say some is intelligent or not. Based on our need and situation we understand and experience from different angle. These different angles are various intelligences.

  • Raising Wealthy Children

    Brain is a lazy slave. Create habit of mind to produce more than consumption and earn a rich learning.

  • Ulta Pulta Exam

    Aren’t you bored of creating same question paper year after year. Don’t you feel reading same answers 100th time is waste of time. Why don’t you have fun by conducting ulta pulta exam?

  • Reading Tips

    Reading opens a person to the world which they may have not explored or it helps us to see lives which we have not lived. But reading can add more depth to us if we make it more creative. Read on.

  • Curious Minds

    Curiosity is an integral part of learning. The learner can explore much more with an unending curiosity than the one whose curiosity is satiated by some standard answers. Keep curiosity alive and keep exploring.

  • My dream year at school

    Schools are designed in such a way that everything looks same except marks. We take this business of education too seriously. Child by nature is not serious so why not create Disneyland of school ?

  • Reflection – Why and Hows

    Reflection is one of the best to tool to bring self awareness. Education is nothing but being self aware. Understand how reflection helps and how do we do it.

  • Questions to Grow and Glow

    Do answers lead to learning and awareness or question sparks thinking in that direction? Questions are important tool to bring awareness and to reflect. Here are some to help you and you can keep depositing in this bank.

  • Whats in a name?

    We are accustomed of getting satisfied when we know the definition of something unknown. Introspect and we will find many examples from everyday life where we know without understanding of concepts. Is understanding more important than knowing?

  • Learning to See

    As we grow we limit our sense of kaleidoscopic vison. This vision helps us to wonder about everything we experience. It brings a deeper experience. Let’s explore S-P-A-C-E.

  • Right Brain

    Our education system stresses much on logical and analytical process which is originated from Left brain. Can we combine it with the randomness and intuitive approach of right brain? After all we teach inclusivity then why to leave right brain in lurch?

  • Travel to Learn

    Travel is the biggest book to learn from. Here we learn from our own experience and also from other’s experience. It creates an enriching memory to be used for life time. Read how Aarohi children understand travel.

  • Independent Learner

    Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish, and you feed him for a life time. Few years back I was reprimanded by my daughter’s teacher for not making my daughter learn her spellings for the dictation. Yes, I had seen the entry in her diary…

  • Excellence is a Habit

    Repetition creates the habit loop, then why not repeat the traits which are needed to live a good life. Stimulate children to build these traits. To know how, read on.

  • Play by Rupesh

    Play in itself is the biggest source of learning and to develop thinking. Let’s not curtail play in the name of academics nor shall we interrupt the play by imposing our ideas about play .

  • Story of X and Y – Math Logic in classroom

    Isn’t it hilarious to cage the concepts in the boundaries of subjects. Read on the story of 2 children of Math-Logic intelligence to understand these boundaries are blurred in real learning.