Tag: Enriching

  • I am my favorite

    Every role we play in child’s life as parent or teacher in the name of upbringing or education, they have those traits built in. The need is allow them to see these traits by themselves and create a life of their own.

  • Learning from the humble ‘DIYA’

    Have we qualified to be a parent? Well it is a life skill. Like any other life skill one needs to keep on unlearning and relearning the parenting. Learn the art of understanding and enlighten your child’s life like a Diya.

  • Operating manual of your child

    Children are not the product which can be operated with the help of a manual. Yet children expect us to deal with them in a specific. Let’s explore what parenting manual will children give us.

  • My dream year at school

    Schools are designed in such a way that everything looks same except marks. We take this business of education too seriously. Child by nature is not serious so why not create Disneyland of school ?

  • Lovely Labels, Lousy Labels

    Our thoughts create our realities. Labels work same way. Have lousy thoughts, think lousy labels and create lousy children. Have lovely thoughts, think lovely labels and create magic. Choice is yours.

  • Locus of control

    Mostly we grow and bring up our children with a notion that “We and our behavior are the outcome of our environment (people and circumstances). Pause and reflect what it would be to have the locus of control inside you not outside you

  • Right Brain

    Our education system stresses much on logical and analytical process which is originated from Left brain. Can we combine it with the randomness and intuitive approach of right brain? After all we teach inclusivity then why to leave right brain in lurch?

  • Learning Language

    Any language can be learn if there is a need to know the language. Reading and writing happens by assimilation not by the milestone of age. As parents we can design the environment but that alone may not suffice if the child does not has the need to learn the language.

  • Freedom to think

    Teaching comes with responsibility. Responsibility of making children responsible for creating their learning or creating their limits of learning. We think freedom to learn is lucrative.

  • Can we teach Values? Some Myths

    Our action and child’s experience set a child to form an opinion of good and bad. Let’s empower the children to define their values for themselves based on their times.

  • How Children Learn

    Concept of teaching encages learning. Exploring gives wings to learning. Compartmentalize learning into subjects makes it limited. Everything around us serves as vast landscape of learning.

  • Create a self-directed learning environment

    Self-Directed learning provides a deep understanding of self. This connection with helps to live the life of a direction. Can we provide such environment to children which foster self directed learning?

  • Travel to Learn

    Travel is the biggest book to learn from. Here we learn from our own experience and also from other’s experience. It creates an enriching memory to be used for life time. Read how Aarohi children understand travel.

  • The Learning Energy – Creativity

    Can learning be imparted by others? Learning is a well inside, you dig and find your pot of gold. To dig one needs energy to do the work of digging. The passion and purpose of getting that gold pot will provide the energy. This is creative energy.

  • Lessons from my Father

    Why we need the term like parenting. Isn’t it natural that once we become parents, parenting becomes part of life. Then why so much stress around. Be what you are and create same environment, mindset for child is best parenting tip my father left for me.

  • Do you PLAY with your child?

    Play – one of the biggest source of learning. But why we need to associate everything with learning? Learning happens automatically. Just be the child with your child and experience the fun of being with children.

  • The Myths of Quality Time

    Parents conveniently define quality time as per their need. At times it is also exchanged with quantity. Quality time is intention oriented time spend with child not for the child.

  • Alternatives to Rewards and Punishments

    Rewards and Punishments are two sides of same coin. Both work on extrinsic control. Shall we control the child by the means of rewards and punishments or shall we sensitize the child to have better intrinsic controls.

  • Help by Not Helping

    Unwarranted help may create resource handicapped children. The power of struggle will plant the seeds of independent problem solving.

  • Affirmation

    Affirmations, positive or negative , if repeated over time becomes the part of belief system. Lets create affirmations which help the child to see his own potential.

  • How to Help Discover Child’s True Potential

    Is parenting about solving children’s problems in the name of support or is it about letting children bask in the glory of their own solutions? Questioning children can help them to peel layers and see inside.

  • Excellence is a Habit

    Repetition creates the habit loop, then why not repeat the traits which are needed to live a good life. Stimulate children to build these traits. To know how, read on.

  • Letting Grow

    Any growth is a change. Children also go through this change in various ways not just age. Question is are we growing as parents?

  • Letting Succeed

    Success is made of two things – one, to find what is one’s strength . Two, to strengthen those strengths continuously.

  • A Moral Story

    Values help in travelling the journey of life. We don’t develop them automatically but through experience and observation. Child is not different. Let’s coach the child to set his compass.

  • My ‘SELF’ Intelligence

    In school or in home all a child wants is to be treated as an individual by accepting his beliefs and ways of learning. He needs space to grow with his own pace and in his own style.

  • Word Magic

    What is the basic role of language? If your answer is – To communicate / to Express, then i am sorry to inform that you did not score well in this test. Read on to know why.

  • Teaching children Interdependence

    Independence or interdependence? Can we ever make child independent when we all exist because of interdependence. Instead let’s all celebrate interdependence and enjoy the abundance it brings.

  • Its not what you look at – but what you see

    Looking and seeing are not same. Seeking is almost like soaking eyes into what we want to see. Explore various aspects of visual intelligence and enjoy what you create.

  • Writing Wish

    Written words leave more impact than verbal. Writing wishes of children brings certain assurance to them. Explore if you would like play with this mighty tool.