Purpose of Education

We hear this about this fear “I am scared of children (who are in the alternate system) feeling they are superior to others …. “

We feel scared only when we are expecting a result in binary(0/1). Expectation feeds fear. Is education supposed to deliver on predefined outcomes like grades, 1st division etc.? If its the marks or grades which are important then is it even education? Then it is programing / conditioning fit the children in the frames of various grades.

One perspective (very different from the conventional viewpoint) is that education is not about any pre defined results. Rather education offers many exposures to the child’s awareness and then the child makes sense out of these to create his or her own life. In any case; if we look back at the last two thousand years of human existence, any kind of education / religion / philosophy / culture – whatsoever – has not prevented division, disparity, prejudice etc. in our society.

The ills of our society cannot be eliminated by a certain kind of education or religion etc. To take this further – perhaps there are no ills – the good and the bad, are to co-exist. It is the essential joy of each individual’s journey to figure out how they want to live. To me it means we do not have to create a program / script (curriculum) / formula for the child. We need to expose the child to varied opportunities. Let child create his/ her own life by reflecting on these exposures and connecting the dots. Let education be an ongoing journey than a destination of degree.

Education has somewhere caught up with meaning confined to only knowledge, certificates, ability to lead life. Hence fear, success, failure, goal, achievement are main thoughts. Let’s consider education as living and learning about our life. It is a lifelong process which is neither defined nor having an end.