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  • Fear and Children

    Fear and Children

    Fears often multiply more with collective anxiety that a group of people experience together with lots of questions/ fears triggered by various factors such as uncertainties, health upsets, external situations or challenges. Recently we had this amazing period of 10-12 days at Aarohi Campus where out of 6 people four were partially/ fully sick and two…

  • How do Children learn?

    Everything that the child encounters and experiences are something to learn about and learn from. Every experience, every interaction, every event can lead to multitudes of learning in every area of a child’s development. We neither force nor intend learning.

  • How do we LIMIT our children

    The truth is WE (parents and teachers) are the ones who limit our children – how and why – let us figure out and then get out of their way.

  • Child’s misbehaviour is just vomit

    When a child vomits what do we focus on? When a child misbehaves what do we focus on? If we realize that misbehavior is just the vomit that we see, then we change our attention to the child, not the vomit.