Obviously you are glad that you did not get any such manual. What fun would be parenting, or for that matter life, if we knew exactly what to do when the child drops his saliva into his milk to check out how the taste will change or when your teen wants to shave her head just because her classmates are doing so.
However, if you are still wishing you had few people ot turn to – as guide or coaches, atleast had more perspectives, to ensure that you have choices, to not only make your parenting more effective but to make the child’s growth more richer.
Here is what all Aarohi can offer.

Aarohi Online Parenting Circle is a platform for YOU to connect with more parents, chit chat about you, your parenting, your burning issues, your joy, your experiences
every week on Thursday, chk the details

An online program for parents and teachers to do all the Unnning we all need to do to relish ours and our children’s life with Unbound energy.
We’ve done 59 batches of this program since 2002. 60th batch starts on 19th Jan 2024.
Registrations open – visit Jagriti page

Please see details of upcoming webinars here. Also do join our UnParenting Whatsapp group

  • Here is a set of topics that we think are most useful for the wide range of parent-audience that we meet in any organisation.
    • Empowering children to be independent, resourceful & confident individuals
    • Connecting, Communicating and Collaborating with Teens and Tweens
    • Helping children become responsible for their Emotions
    • Understanding and working with children’s Behaviour
    • Sexual awareness and Abuse safety
    • Developing productive and effective Habits of Mind
  • We can do individual or multiple or all sessions over a period of time.
  • Typically each session is 2hrs duration and your contribution is on a sliding scale of ₹15,000 to ₹25,000 irrespective of the number of participants
  • Connect with us on whatsapp or email to take this forward.

We have three of these using google forms – each with 8-10 questions – no response is right or wrong – since the idea of each question is to help you delve into deeper self reflection.

These sessions are available in full confidentiality for parents, teenagers and families, either online or in-person at Aarohi’s campus. Pl see details here