Confidence, Confidence, No Papa – ebook

Confidence is a myth. None of us need to bother ourselves or our children with this concept. You see the more we value this concept the more we devalue all the children (and people) who are seen or see themselves as not confident.

Hence we’ve written in detail about confidence, in this small book primarily targeted at parents and teachers.

The ebook is priced at ₹11 /-
The Pricing is a mark of solidarity not with the concept of confidence, rather solidarity with all the children in this world who we know are capable and are yearning to live beyond the idea of confidence.

Inviting you to pay Rs 11/- or more* and then read the book on this webpage or download the PDF.
You can use the QR code below or transfer to UPI: aarohilife@upi
*Any amount more than ₹11 will go towards the charitable activities of Aarohi Life Education Trust.