How children learn

How children learn can be summed up in two words - by themselves! As they take ownership of their learning and then seek different ways to get it - use different resources, choose different goals, get taught by somebody, seek demonstration,  ... and the list goes on.

Broadly the learning cycle is: 

aarohi learning circle

So Children decide what they want to do / learn (content) and how they want to do / learn it (process). Often these goals involve making (a cake), creating (a movie), building (a house of pets), exploring (gardening or poetry), researching (about Ashoka the king), and so on.

Most of endeavours span multiple contents, skills and abilities.  

Most of the endeavours necessitate many methods, tools, resources and interactions. Its a very dynamic process with peers, facilitators and anybody else constantly adding value and challenges and sometimes guidance to it. 

At the end of the day, I can reflect back what all I did, liked, found tough, want to do more and so on. Reflection can be on what they did, how they did, resources used, people interaction, emotions, etc.

All of the above can be done individually or in groups of any size.

You can see many such endeavours documented in the blogs

But how does a child learn a concept - say measurement?

There are essentially two ways in which the child can learn a concept or a skill:

  1. Either by wanting and putting in effort to learn it (child says he or she wants to learn measurements).
  2. Or learn it while pursuing another goal / project (like learn measurements while making a raft)

If the child wants to learn something specific - again there are two possibilities:

  1. One in which the child takes up the job of learning it - and then uses resources like books or videos or materials or even asks somebody to teach.
  2. Child can learn the concept or a skills also because the child takes up or joins a "course". A Course typically is something that has a fixed time slot on a fixed frequency and is spread over a stretch of time attempting to cover a certain content. Courses at Aarohi can happen in the following four varieties:
    1. Somebody announces a course and teaches it (somebody could be another child, facilitator or an outside expert). (All follow the 'teacher')
    2. A facilitator announces a course - arranges and provides multiple resources - but no one teaches and each participant in the course can learn at their level.
    3. A group of learners announce a together course - they decide to spend fixed time at fixed frequency and figure out different ways of learning the same thing (typically all at same level)
    4. Finally one or few learners can together sign up for an online course / workbook based course.