Open Learning

Here are four presentations as an introduction to open learning.


The first one gives the basis of open learning.


The second one talks about how to implement open learning


One way to understand open learning is to compare it with conventional schooling. ​Here is a presentation ​that puts forward few critical differences. Note the differences are not black and white, rather its the approach that marks the contrast.


This is the presentation we use in the session we do on open schooling:


We have video recordings of the sessions we did with parents and educators on Open learning - these were online sessions we did in March 2018

While the first part of the session - when we present few thoughts about open learning is same in both the sessions - the Q & A (which form the major part ) are invariably different. So here is the recording of first session [9-Mar-2018]:

and here is the recording of second session [14-Mar-2018]:

Recording of session done on 2nd March 2019

Recording of session done on 10th March 2019


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