Zip line

It began casually a child saying ‘ we should have a rope to cross over from Ambrosia (our kitchen) to Mud house our tools room). The experience of crossing Dhuandhar falls in Jabalpur was very fresh in our mind. Both together gave birth to zip line project at campus - distances were measured, ropes were explored, research was done to understand about various tools like harness….heights of the trees did not deter us, we used rope ladders.


A broken cycle pump became an important equipment, trees became our poles, painters rope became our zip line rope...and there was a big line of kids who were ready to test our newly made zip line. Few harness failed, few did not pass our safety codes...few needed quality upgradation….a notice was put with some codes to follow on when the zip line section will be open and what to expect, anyone breaking rules will be banned for a week, one of rule was not to beg ‘one more round’....:)

Further work continues, meeting more people to explore, other similar ideas like river crossing are under consideration, visiting places to know what other people do are on our way to add value  to what we do and continue our journey.


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