We have a tailor!

I have been doing art for many years now. I got this urge to learn from a teacher. I asked a child 'if you know any online art course, let me know'. Another child with a spark in her eyes answered 'I know a best online course'. With hope in my eyes, I was eager to know more. She shared "YOU".  She shared further with confidence in her voice, "Yes! oneself is the best teacher and best course. Whatever you want to learn, make your own course". 
She is ten years old.
Every day she comes with some discovery about a wildflower she would spot in the campus. 
She is learning to stitch and has declared herself 'tailor of Aarohi'.
She carries a drawing book and records her creations. 
She shares endless stories of her family and grandparents and things she learns from them.
She knows about medicinal plants.
She also can share recipes with you.
She doesn't miss a chance to learn cooking or rolling chapatis.
When she takes up a responsibility, she ensures that task is done.
She is living and learning. She says "if you really wants to learn something, you can learn".  Do you agree with her?