Visit to Narayana Hospitals

Visit to Narayana Health City made us even closer to hospitals. Often not a place for kids to visit or even think about it, Mr Raghvendra offered us to visit when we did not need it (none was sick). Looking at life so closely in hospitals made all of us even more sensitive for the gifts of life we have.


The first station was children wards at Hudruyala, infants with hole in the heart made many of us cry. One of the child shared 'outside they are looking so calm, but so happening inside their body'. The visit shook many of us, but did not deter our spirit to move ahead and visit other wards. We went from floor to floor, ward to ward. Seeing many things in hospitals, sometimes experiencing how does that works, sometimes just a silent observation to respect the need of the place. We moved from one deptt from another did not realized that we all were standing for five hours, visiting around.  The  concept of 'crash cart' made us realized that each second is precious to save life and life is precious.  


Thank you Mr Raghavendra for all your support and hospitality during our visit to the hospital. It was very useful and informative. We are very grateful to the all the staff of the hospital for being so kind and adjusting for our visit. We felt cared. 

Anyone wanting to visit connect with Mr Raghavendra on 9845936753  or email