TV and Spur

It started with one child sharing about a news “I have heard that there are aliens landed in Mysore”. We announced “current affairs sharing which you have read in newspaper or other media (and not just heard from somebody)”.

So children started searching for the stuff to present for 3 minutes. Some missed lunch as they were engrossed wth news..

Two kids converted table into TV screen 

  • The child who started with Alien news, ended up reading a political news
  • One brought the news of pillion rider helmet
  • One got the news of Karishma Kapoor and her affair
  • Another one got the news on deaths and accidents
  • Another one got news on sports
  • One got news on food
  • One after another they wanted to share more and wanted to read more………


The SPUR of learning was amazing. All presented themselves as news reader. They did not want to dismantle their creations as they want this TV to be part of their learnings at Aarohi.