Trip to Kaigal

A small group from the community decided to visit Kaigal with the focus on understanding trees, learning afforestation, and nursery techniques. It included seed collection in the forest, seed treatment techniques and planting of seeds. Collection of some species as saplings from the forest for planting in nurseries. Also understanding species that can be raised through cuttings - trees and shrubs.  Also collecting some good saplings from some nearby forest nurseries that are ready for planting along with others we have, for us to bring back to campus. Some birding and night walks and music and food and fun - this was all about the trip to Kaigal.
All ages signed up - 47 to 6 yrs old,mixed age group headed to Kaigal. Anyone who met us first time, was surprised with our age (6yrs are not supposed to be going for a afforestation and nursery techniques trips!
Thank you Kaigal Team, we had wonderful learning environment and space to experience. We came back with lot in our minds and soul.  We are excited for the new journey of understanding the fauna around our campus. All ages came back with huge learning just by being with you at Kaigal. Thank you for the hospitality and pickles!