Thinking Skills - Analysis

Just one theme “Analysis - thinking skills” allowed us to explore many other tools and concepts. 

We explored analysis using various modes: experimenting exploring, observing,  watching videos. Graph, Venn diagrams, making of statements,  comparison,  cause, and effect,  questioning Where all we make analysis in our daily life?  We started our session with thinking of pondering about an object in our hands.

We why'd and why"ed about the object thinking and wondering.  We did analysis by breaking into parts like it's size, shape, texture, color, transparent, ink color and so. We watched a Disney short video,  with an objective to find cause and effect. We did analysis while watching to look for cause and effect. Used Comparison tool for analyzing our palms with peer's palm. We also did analysis using a bar graph,  where we made a statement based on the data analysis about the topic types of shows and movies kid watch mostly. Feedback is part of the learning process at Aarohi. Survey-based feedback this term allowed all of us to explore various data interpretation tools and analysis. 

Whying….why do you want to practice maths? Why do you want to be perfect? Why do you want to be able to calculate? Why do you want to get results? Why do you want to do…..the process brought many thoughts and pause to think WHY.