Teaching Conflicts!

Do you have any conflict with Grand Parents/ Spouse on how to teach your child who is going through open learning/unschooling/homeschooling
Here are some thoughts –
Situation – One child 7yrs old, Grand father wants her to learn Kannada language and believe that this is the age to learn language, absorption is high and this is the time to learn. The child is not showing interest, there is expectation from mother that the child gets RIGHT inputs (education) at the right time (now). Since the child is not showing interest, there is bribe, there is stress, there are tactics to teach…
Bad News – There is conflict on learning Kannada with GF
Good news – There is conflict!
Statuary Warning – All ideas below are based on some assumptions and limited hearing of the case. There may be many aspects of the same thing, I may not have the complete data. So pick what suits you, rest reject with love and benevolence!
So the opening line  – “Open learning is not about one way but its about many ways, including conventional methods” – so the question is “what does CHILD thinks about various opinions (parents and Grand parents)?”
Questions to ponder for the child (not necessarily need to answer) – Can THE CHILD connect with GF and take this matter forward?
  1. So GF thinks that at this stage If you don’t learn, you will miss out on language?
  2. He is expecting me (mother) to ensure that this much work is happening. what do you think?
  3.  You are doing Kannada only after some Bribes (time to introduce new vocabulary!) what is your opinion on this?
Acknoweldge GF needs/ opinion of exposure/ Learning of language and literature (L &L )
QUESTIONS TO PONDER (if possible family together (including GF, GM) or only with the child and GF) – may like to make mind map.
  • Can there be other ways to exposing to the L&L?
  • Can we introduce labelling to the child (increase the exposure) ?
  • Will audio stories (bilingual or with translation will help her to SEE more L & L? (Pratham books has good collection of bilingual books)
  • Can there be other ways of writing the language than text workbooks – Write a letter to Aditi (who does not know anything) or to relatives or to father (teach him how to make chapati) and so on…or to make menu or names of family friends, or write to for her how mother used to watch movies…reading together…decorate alphabets….
  • Or we don’t want to do so much of efforts…can we just increase exposure of READING?  (the child likes stories) or read small songs (the child likes to sing).
Finally The Child and GF may like to make their learning and teaching plan!