Synthetic ball making

This session was interesting, one child from Aarohi joined to demonstrate making of a synthetic ball using glue and borax. The session began with introduction. Each child introduced themselves with an animal action mentioning their name and something that they like to do or dream about. Then a music was played and kids danced with their eyes, eyebrows and hands only. As the music stopped they froze…  Few were excited, few felt it funny, few started to shake their whole body… By then he set the table for demonstrating synthetic ball making.


He started with showing the ingredients needed and then explained the method and demonstrated…. Then he also showed how the ball bounces when thrown on the ground… He also shared by altering the water level we can make jelly for playing... Kids were very excited… He also expressed the need to wash hands thoroughly after using the materials. Kids then explored making of the ball in smaller groups. He distributed the materials to each group and helped them to make the balls…. Kids were fully involved and were very eager to make colourful balls and were happy to throw the ball on the ground and see it bounce…. Then they did clean up and hand wash. Kids shared their feelings and level of confidence.. A child shared she was little tense initially as she was not very sure that she can make it but was happy when she made it.


He shared that initially he thought it’s going to be little tough but by the end of the session he felt it is a nice experience... After the first session, he had a concern that he had to repeat the same with two more classes. At the end of all the sessions he said he met new friends and was happy about it.