Session on Emotions @ PUP Tamil school on 04/09/2015

This session was to explore ones emotions. This time we used different facial expressions to greet each other…Kids were involved and excited to show different expressions. Then they watched a short video of a song depicting different feelings…kids enjoyed watching, few were moving their body to the song… few laughed… few tried to repeat the words… .. Kids were asked what is a feeling? Most of them said it is being sad, worried… Then I asked about the other emotions…. Then they came up with happiness, anger, boredom….Then we played a ball game with music, where kids either act or express an emotion on the chit and the others try to find it. Kids were happy to pass the ball… and few were excited to pick up the chit, few didn’t want to get the chits… kids expressed different feelings like surprise, excitement, confusion, happiness, sadness, diappointment either with acting or bodily expressions…  few did not want to act and they passed the ball to the next person. A kid even said I don’t like a particular emotion so I don’t want to act that and choose another. Few acted some situations. One child acted out confusion, not being able to decide which chocolate to buy from a snacks shop.. The other kids were very eagerly trying to guess the right emotions… sometimes they needed some clue…. They were excited to take part… few said they didn’t get chance to act….

Then children mapped their emotions on a chart while making a tower using playing cards. When they received the cards… few divided the cards to each person in the group, few started to look at the pattern in the cards, few were counting the cards, Few worked individually, few worked as  a team, few were excited to see their tower standing without any support, few were holding the cards as a team to prevent the tower from falling.   They marked their emotions in the chart also….Few shared that they were happy when their tower was standing, sad that it fell down, few were even angry that someone has shaken their tower…..Kids also rated their level of perseverance and the awareness of their emotions during the activity… Kids were given an activity to do at home also.. They were asked to map their emotions and the emotions of others at home for the whole of next week and to bring the chart for the next session.