Self Reflections

This is how we grow - self reflection learning to self discovery. Each week we reflect in many different ways. Often the doubts are raised ‘kids will rate 10 only’. But we have seen days after days that there is sincerity and truthfulness...they may not assess the way we look at them, they assess the way they look at themselves. And its not always 10/10 :)

Beauty of self assessment allows one to discover and accept. Also it allows me a facilitator to understand what is going behind, many times my true learning happens about them when I connect with  their reflections. No wonder I love weekly documentation and look forward for my learning and my growth as facilitator. 

And yes the late night coffee and milk after documentation comes as a bonus for many of us :)

Some expressions

This week I worked on CAT, Dome, Reading, Football ground, Chess, News report, Campus care, Sports, Planning and Music jam.
During CAT I spent time discussing, working and clarifying. During dome making I was clarifying, using different resources, searching and working. During making the football ground I was depending on others, guiding, clarifying, discussing and working. While playing chess I was working. While doing my news report I was searching, using different resources and working. During campus care I was guiding, clarifying, discussing, depending on others and working. During sports I was clarifying and working. During planning I was clarifying, discussing, questioning and working. During music jam, I was discussing and working. In CAT I was feeling happy as I found new things for me to work on. In dome I was excited as I was painting after a very long time.. I was curious while reading as I wanted to know what will happen next. I was feeling nervous to present my food habits in front of everyone. In sports I was feeling happy to play a sport which I liked. In chess I was thinking which move should I play next. In campus care I was feeling anxious if the work was not done as I was the leader and I would be responsible for it.


While writing notice for basket ball notice, I imagined, wrote and still need to continue. I rate myself 4. While playing chess I was not focusing too much, I was seeing somebody else doing some other work. When I was playing I thinking about my moves. I rate myself 5. During fasting I was feeling hungry, I spent my time in doing one work (writing basketball notice). I was touching food, but did not eat. I rate myself 9. During internet safety session I was listening and reading the notes on session board. In dark stories I spent time in drawing and adding new features to my ghost. I rate myself 9. In CAT I spent time in discussing to understand and then typing. I rate myself 8. In pets care I spent time in giving food to pets, filling water bowls. And I rate myself 7. During thought club I was thinking about other things, during presentation on food I was listening so I can work on it. I did not take part in presentation. I could not prepare. In reflection I was visualizing my day and drawing, I spent time  with myself.I felt excited to fast, making basketball notice and making drawings in dark stories. I felt satisfied with Internet session, CAT and chess.*


So this week i worked on card making, campus maintenance like cleaning the car, sorting washed clothes, fixing the roof, in sports worked on football, dog in the bone, kabbadi. I worked on tying the net in football ground and i also worked to CAT. I worked on sketching and i did fasting. I attended the session on Internet safety. I played NERF war. I worked on redesigning tippity tap. During Card  making I was imagining different designs, choosing colour combination and composition and making it. I rate myself 10. During campus care I was thinking what to do and when to do it like when should i pick up my clothes and like I also got a little confused about what do that day I rate myself 7. During football ground i was surprised that the net could stretch so much and i enjoyed stitching the net. I spent time in doing. I rate myself 8. In sports I spent my time in thinking, strategizing and playing. In CAT I was thinking and discussing to understand to make myself clear about my goals. I rate myself 9. In sketching I spent time in thinking about details, techniques and what shade to use. I rate myself 6. In fasting it was hard to control, I controlled by sleeping, putting my mind into work. I rate myself 10. During session on Internet safety I spent my time in discussing about dangers, listening to others, and thinking about what safety precautions I can take. I rate myself 10. In tipity tap i was working on redesigning it and other options for it. I rate myself 4. In nerf war i liked playing it and dodging darts. I rate myself 10.

In laptop session I learnt how to take care of laptop and saw the parts of laptops from inside. In kick boxing I learnt how defend myself when i am in danger. I also practiced kick boxing. In Colombia session I saw picture and snow mountain pictures and place. I learnt about their language and their national anthem. In sports I learnt new games and in my home I can teach everybody. In campus care I was half of the job and going, I should not do that again. I should stay and do for the correct time, till the end, till everybody stops. I was conducting sunshine so I felt nice that I learnt more fitness. I should not waste food, first I should little in plate, taste it and then take again. But I should leave for others also. In helpmates I learnt that how others feel when I am doing this kind of behavior like taking more food and not leaving for others. In quiz I learnt many kinds of new new questions. Quiz is helping me to learn more about new new subjects for me. I feel sad that they are telling me only me to I taking more food, using bad words, taking other stuff, not asking and touching other’s things. I will stop doing this by my own self, no need to tell me again.