Science Museum

What will you like to do after you have visited science museum? May be talking about it (I went and I saw this and that) or may be wondering(how did that happen? why was it like that?), or do nothing. Outdoor to Visweshawaraiah Museum inspired us with a thought  "what can I  create/replicate at the campus that let others explore".  This thought made us rethink about our visit that made us crazy,  liked the most, what we could relate to, what I enjoyed, what made us think. The entire process opened up an opportunity to make our own science show. We all spent few hours a day for 3 days in preparation for our science show.


Well, some simple, some complex, some known, some unknown exhibits were chosen to make. Each one had their own journey - some were successful, for some, it did not work (the way it was envisaged), some did not try.  Few could not make it, few tried could not complete, few completed but could not research more, few brought with understanding.  Few of them who tried (whether they failed or were successful) the experience of ‘making’ led to many explorations - understanding the concept, knowing the working of material, researching and finally presenting it to the group. Making a small presentation of their own creation brought an opportunity to experience a different dynamics - some were nervous (although it was a known group), some were confused, some were confident.

A child who explored lenses  - Convex was the term she heard and used the first time and understood it as ‘curved’. Two kids who demonstrated tuning forks explored that different sounds travel with different objects, a different length of the forks produced different sounds, Sound travels in our atmosphere.  Invisible sound waves enter our ears and hence we hear a sound. Why does different sound form in different objects?  A child who joined two mirrors at 90 degrees mimicked the infinity well, exploring “What is a mirror?” Another one made mirror maze and played with light in different directions. A child who was mesmerized with rolling cones at the science museum worked on making a working model for himself. Last year he also went and came back with the same awe for that exhibits. This time finally he made the working model for himself and got entangled with the center of gravity.


The visit to the museum was first for few and for some it was repeated.  Few Children were clear on what to look for and where to visit as per their interest. 
Few children caught up with Indian history videos,  few caught up with rolling ball,  few caught up with exploring different things,  few with mirror magics,  each one understood in many different ways.  They explored and explored, one time,  multiple times as per their interests, few they understood by reading,  few by experimenting,  few by observing, few by videos. We had a different learning exposure at the museum.