Rock Climbing Demo

'Rock climbing' name was itself enough to evoke various emotions and reactions at Aarohi - some were scared, some felt inadequate, some want to do it, some felt excited. Demo session with Koushik and knowing basic nitty-gritty of rock climbing helped in settling various emotions. All wanted to give it a try.

  • Some began with “I can do it” and they did it.
  • Some began with “I cannot do it” and they did it
  • Some began with “its tough” and ended up with “It's fun, lets do more”
  • Some began with its easy and ended up “its tough job but exciting ”.

Knowing some terms of rock climbing instilled some sense of association with this skill. We understand the role of people, communication and various equipment.  The entire exercise set the stage for our upcoming rock climbing session at Ramnagaram.

Freedom is to win over your own self..... today Rock climbing session was all about our own freedom from distraction, and winning over self.

Here we say, rock climbing is all about.....
Yashas says, stamina, tricks, trying and using chalk power. 
Ally says, strain, exercise, balance and concentration, wiring to risk and getting hurt. Becoming one with the rock and bird watching. 
Pratyaksh, says make grip out of no grip, coordination, confidence. In group it helps to focus on yourself. Finding different ways to do the same thing. Like in life you can do the same goal in different ways. 
Skanda says, concentration and taking pain. 
Ratnesh says, understanding and using our body in different ways than you are used to. 
Leela says, yourself hugging rock and moving ahead. 
Siddu says, nice sport, stretches your body, you cannot get distracted, it needs your whole attention, helping and accepting and chalk power.
Varsha says, observing, trying and positive talks to self 'I can do it' and trying. Initially I was afraid, I observed others and did it. 
Krishna says, movement of hands and stamina. 
Adhibaan says, fitness, and fun.
Sammedh says, doing fitness for self, stretching, body work, focus on our self. Advay says, you have to learn rock climbing like cheetah. 
Nandini says, strength in hands and legs,  trust in others, 
Aditi says, coming out of your pupa and fly.
Kowshik says, knowing yourself. 
Prashanth says, opportunity to fill my video, totally vowed by the opening of a child who was scared in the beginning and jumping on the rocks by the end of the session.  . In the spirit  of independence day I saw freedom. 

Prashanth captured the moments in this video.